What students say about iPE

(actual quotes)

"This course taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to stay fit and healthy. I really enjoyed doing this."

"Everything was very easy to understand and made perfect sense. Excellent program."

"It changed my way of thinking towards fitness."

"All of the lessons provided valid and helpful information."

"The way the information was explained made it easier for me as a student to understand, and more encouraging to actually complete the tasks."

"I would recommend Interactive PE to others students."

"It's an easy and fun way to learn about your health, fitness, etc. iPE has made me become a healthier athletic person. I care more about my health, what good foods I should eat, how, when, and where I should exercise, and how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle."

"iPE is a great way to help students understand new ways on how to be physically fit."

"I found it not only fun but informing."

"I learned alot more than I thought I already knew."

"I believe its a great tool to use for physical education classes."

"I found the course to be very helpful and I plan to use what I have learned in my daily life."

"I liked how you can go at your own pace."

"I think that this course is a really fast and effective way to learn about our bodies and how to stay fit."

"I feel I can put what I learned into my life."

"I think that Interactive PE is better than sitting a listening to a teacher talk all class."

"I would recommend iPE to a friend."

"iPE is easy for me to understand because I enjoy watching videos and I think the videos were really helpful."

"Getting in shape was exciting and I want to continue."

"It helped me understand how fitness works and it made me want to actually exercise more."

"It motivated me to take fitness seriously."

"This is a great course for students as well as adults who want to stay fit and in shape."

"iPE is a fun course to take. It has helped improve my eating habits at home. I play outside everyday and look forward to meeting my fitness goal soon. Thanks."

"iPE educated me about fitness and what is good for my body. I am now going to start a fitness goal and get motivated!"

"It was great! I can now fully understand the meaning of fitness in my daily life."

It gave a large amount of information on the human body and how it works with physical activity. The course was easy to follow. It provide a strong argument on as to why you should exercise, and is very persuasive."

"iPE has just the right amount of challenge and it motivates me to study and stay fit."